Novel Review, All About #Addiction

Unicorn LE Get smaller

July 9, 2015

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This book is amazing!!! I am a recovering alcoholic and have loved many folks who are addicts too! The Author did an amazing job of bringing the characters to life! I read the book in two days, and usually I am a slow reader!

How Much Help is Too Much?

Unicorn LE Get smaller

When we love an addict, how do we love them and still protect ourselves from the hurt?

How do you love safely? How do you love without hurting the addict?

In the story “Unicorn” this was a problem for Amelia’s mother and sister.


Unicorn: Addiction, Guilt and a Decision That Will Change Her Life


Scarlet has the life most only dream about—she travels the world, she makes plenty of money and she has the best friend anyone could ask for.

But, piece by piece, her world is falling apart because of her damaged family, years of resentment and her sister’s drug and alcohol addiction. Scarlet tries to keep it together, but when her sister desperately needs help, Scarlet has to make a decision that will change every part of her life. Unicorn is a story of internal struggle, choices, and a broken family.


I’ve seen the destruction and pain that drug and alcohol addiction causes.

I’ve experienced the crazy-making behavior addicts inflict on family and friends.

But I’ve also witnessed the miracles of sobriety.


I wrote this story for family and friends of alcoholics and addicts. Loving an addicted person is frustrating, lonely, and can lead to our own destruction. Stay strong.                   –L.E. Get

You Can Not Have Addiction Without Hope

Never give up hope when you love an alcoholic or addict, but always take care of yourself.

Never give up hope if you are an alcoholic or addict, but always know your family and friends are doing their best.